Baba Aladura

His Most Eminence, The Baba Aladura
Elder (Dr.) David D.L. Bob-Manuel

His Most Eminence, Baba Aladura Dr. David D. L. Bob-Manuel, was born on 12th March 1941 in Abonnema, Akuku – Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State, to the union of late Chief Iboroma L. Bob-Manuel and late Mrs. Oruba Toru Bob-Manuel Nee Reuben-Jack), both of whom were from Abonnema, Kalabari Kingdom, Rivers State.
Elder Dr. D. L Bob-Manuel is the first of 10 children in the family and he is popularly called, “D. L BOb” by both old and young. His late father was well known during his days while working with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), during which he was fittingly installed a Chief in Kalabari. His late mother was the daughter of the proud Reuben-Jack of the War Canoe House, one of the foremost families in the Kalabari Kingdom, but she passed away when D. L Bob was about 7 years old, leaving him with a sister.


Elder Dr. David D. L Bob-Manuel had his primary school education at the Bishop Crowther Memorial Primary school, Abonnema from 1949 – 1956, where he earned his standard six certificate. He then proceeded to Zixton Grammar School, Ozubulu, in the present-day Anambra State, from 1958 – 1962, where he got his Cambridge School Certificate. He obtained a Diploma in Public Administration and Finance from the University of London in 1966.


After his secondary education, Elder Dr. D. L Bob-manuel secured Federal Government employment with the Posts and Telecommunications (P&T) in 1963. By providence, he was selected to attend a high-level management course in Britain by the then Posts & Telecommunications Department, just before the Nigerian civil war broke out. His trust in God, humility, open-handedness and free heart saw him through the civil service for ten years, during which he served in Ibadan, Onitsha and Enugu. Thus confirming his diversity and ability to live and work with people across cultural and tribal boundaries.

After a ten year stint with the P&T, Elder Dr. Bob-Manuel gained employment with the then Shell BP in 1973, where he was sponsored for several courses. He took courses in Account Management, Supervisory Management, Effective Communication etc. He was also conferred with “Fellow” of the Strategic Finance and Administrative Institute, Lagos. Due to his propensity for excellence in Shell BP, he was made to hold sensitive positions such as Banking Accountant, Assistant to the Controller, Secretary to the Divisional Tenders Board of the company.
In 1996, he was among the management committee members that initiated the Shell Contractors Registration Centre (CRAC). He led the team to handle and monitor all Contractors’ Registration Processes in the now Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC). He was later elevated to the position of a Senior Contract Analyst of the company and appointed the Pre-qualification Team Leader. D. L Bob held this position until his meritorious retirement in 2004. Elder Dr. D. L Bob-Manuel served SPDC for 31 years and was even held unto by the establishment for quite some time for want of a suitable replacement. His unquenchable desire for impartial service in the vineyard of the Lord made his employers to eventually let him go in 2004.


Elder Dr. D. L Bob-manuel married his wife and heartthrob, Prophetess Elsie Bob-Manuel, who was already a member of the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim, Abonnema branch in 1971. She is an educationist and a strong believer in the God of Cherubim and Seraphim. The marriage is blessed with seven children, all of whom have remained members of the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim till date. They are all God-fearing children, following the footsteps of their parents in the service of God. The children are:

-> Prophetess Selema Toru Iwunze, nee Bob-Manuel
-> Special Senior Apostle (Eng.) Michael I. D Bob-Manuel
-> Special Senior Apostle Hope S. D Bob-Manuel
-> Senior Apostle Moses Y. D Bob-Manuel
-> Senior Apostle John T. D Bob-Manuel
-> Prophetess (Dr.) Martha T. Bob-Manuel-Ebii
-> Prophetess Hannah T. D Michael Charles, nee Bob-Manuel


Elder Dr. David D. L Bob-Manuel was born into the Anglican (Communion) church, where he was baptized and christened, “David”. He faithfully served God here until in 1955 when he changed denomination and joined the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim in Enugu and was re-baptized by immersion. It is important to note that his joining the Holy Order was an act of God as he was just captivated by the way of worship of one of the branches of the church while taking a walk on that fateful day in the streets of Enugu where he resided then.
From that very moment, his commitment to things of God has never wavered as he never allowed his education or civil life interfere with his worship of God. In fact, for Dr. Bob-Manuel, the popular sing-song, “I will do the work of God before my own”, is his watchword. He never missed a service or church function despite competing official and family commitments demanding for his attention. This also endeared him to his superiors and admirers alike, leading to his meritorious rise in the Band of Cherubim and Seraphim.

Elder Dr. D. L Bob-Manuel rose through the ranks from king Solomon in 1957 to his present position as the Prelate and Baba Aladura on 7th September 2017. He got his first administrative appointment in the Holy Order in 1971 as the Secretary of Port Harcourt province under the Chairmanship of Senior Apostle T. S Agolia

He was thereafter appointed the Secretary of CMC-2 in 1979 under the headship of the immediate past Baba Aladura Dr. L. A Onyeleonu and Chairman of Port Harcourt province in 1986. In 1997, Elder Dr. David D. L Bob-Manuel was admitted into the Advisory Board of the Holy Order and appointed as Director of training. In 2001 and 2004 respectively, Elder D.L Bob-Manuel was appointed Secretary to the Holy Order and Senior Apostle General (SAG) by the administration of Late Praying father Elder Dr. GIM Otubu and in 2013, late Baba Aldura Dr. L. A Onyeleonu ordained Elder D. L Bob-Manuel as a Deputy Baba Aladura.

In his quest for a deeper knowledge of the word of God, Elder Dr. David D. L Bob-Manuel got enrolled in the Immanuel College of Theology, where he obtained a Diploma in Theology between 1997 – 2000. In recognition of his outstanding performance and contribution to evangelism, his sublime Christian character coupled with his thesis on “SPIRITUAL STEWARDSHIP”, the Century International University, Beverly Hills, Faith-land, California, USA in conjunction with the Century International Research Institute conferred on him an Honorary Doctoral Fellowship Award in Divinity on 8th October 2002.

The selfless Dr. Bob-Manuel served in all positions he occupied with openness, diligence, decently and in accordance with the provisions of the constitution of the Holy order. His transparency and loyalty were second to none which culminated in his seamless induction as the 9th Baba Aladura of the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim worldwide on 7th September 2017.